Thursday, February 3, 2011

1800s-1900s Cannons

RML 17.72 inch gun
This cannon was manufactered in the United Kingdom, but was then later used by Italy.  This 103 ton cannon was a naval gun and a coast defense gun also.  There are 15 of these cannons made.  They are about 10m long.  There was an inner steel tube which was surrounded by many wrought iron coils.  This structure is really complex.
Manufacture: United Kingdom
Design: It is kind of short, and had a rifled tube and rigid mount.  The inner steel tube had many iron voils surrounding it.
Battles: First World War
Ammunition Types: Shrapnel shell


  1. Nice but I would check the grammar, and what about ammunition types

  2. I like the info and the way you presented it so it was easy to read. Don't forget to cite your sources.

  3. your research is nice, but try including pictures, and listing the manufacturers, designs, and the battles
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