Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ethics Of Weapons: Good or Bad?

Is it moral for societies to develop weapons of mass desruction for any reason?  What ethics are "called into play" when manufacturing weapons such as cannons?

-No, I do not think that using weapons are ethical.  I think that using weapons are unethical because I don't believe that innocent people should get hurt in someone else's problem.  The use of weapons can result into mass destruction and deaths of many people and children.  Why should they have to go through that?

English Component:
- In the book 'A Long Way Gone', Ishmael had been exposed to violence at a very young age.  He started to use weapons to kill people.  Later on, Ishmael had realized that many of those people that he had killed were innocent.  At first when he was first exposed to war, he had seen many scary things.  For an example, he had seen a woman carrying a dead baby.  That baby did not have anything to do with the war, and obviously didn't start it, so why did he/she have to suffer?  The baby's death had probably also lead to the mother being very upset.  Once Ishmael started to get used to the war and violence, he started to try to kill people as if it were a game.  He was still at a pretty young age at that time.  I don't think that it is ethical for weapons to be used because they lead to a more violent world, and persuade many of those in the younger generation to want to be apart of it.  Younger children usually don't really understand many things, and make violence a game, like Ishmael had done.  Also highschoolers don't really understand what it is like to be open to violence and that causes them to think its cool and start violence.  I don't think that the next generation should be affected by this, although I don't think there will be a stop to this unless there were drastic measures.


  1. This is a great start! I like how you clearly stated your opinion.

  2. Don't forget to add the part about A Long Way Gone.

  3. excellent argument Kelly, yes its true that it is unnatural for innocent children to kill and then be dragged into the conflict

  4. I also think that the dragging of innocent people into violent conflicts can sometimes be inevitable, even if it's highly unethical.

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