Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre-1800 Cannons

Culverin Cannon-
-This medieval cannon was good for attacking at a far distance.  Under the arm was a tube placed by a wooden piece.  To fire this cannon, you would need to insert a burning match into the tiny hole of the tube. 
Manufacture: First used by the French in the 15th century and then later used by the English in the late-16th century
Design: This cannon is very light and portable.  It had a smoothbore tube which was closed but had a tiny hole for ignition of gunpowder.  This cannon fired a 17.5 pound ball and had a bore of 5.5 inches.
Battles: At the Battle of Cressy in 1346, King Edward III had used this cannon.
Ammunition Types: Iron balls,

Tsar Cannon
-This giant cannon was used in the 15th century in Russia by Andrey Chokhov.  In the 1800's this cannon was later surrounded by one ton cannon balls.  According to a legend, the cannonballs were made in St. Petersburg which was made to be a symbol of Moscow and St. Petersburg's friendly rivalry.
Manufacture: Tsardom of Russia
Design: Decorated with reliefs (sculptures) of Tsar Feodor Icanovich on a horse 
Ammunition Types: 800 kg stone grapeshots


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